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Night night world…


We at Howard University stand in solidarity with Ferguson.
Even our innocence is threatening.

Word to the Howard alumna who was shot in the head while protesting.

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Random thoughts on tonight while lying in bed…

There are transitions and phases and changes we go through be it single or in a relationship. It takes work. And the thing that takes work is to try and be happy with yourself, to like yourself through it all , through the ups and downs and the roundabouts and still try to maintain some sort of sanity and try to keep some sort of love in your heart. So that you don’t shut down because it’s so easy to shut down and say I’m not dealing with this anymore and I don’t want to be hurt. I don’t want to go through this anymore.

If you can live with yourself and you’re happy, content at least like yourself. When you wake up in the morning you have to look at you and everyone knows in their hearts when they are right and wrong and when they really have to get a hold of themselves and when you can deal with your wrongs and say, yea I know I Fucked up. You’re being true you can like yourself; you can overcome things and make it to the next day. 



Michelle : “silence bitches a ten is about to speak”


Like think about this. Even though I don’t know too much about sex just imagine that whoever you decide to marry is a virgin as well and you both take the time to learn each other’s bodies. You get to learn what feels good and what doesn’t. You create your own chemistry without being compared to anyone else. And to know that their body is yours and only yours. its such a turn on by itself. I believe it’s a beautiful thing.